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Human Relations and Motivation

Anton, a technical specialist at a Pharmaceutical Company, left his manager’s office and walked back to his desk. He sat there quietly for a moment staring at the window wall that faced the area he shared with several other technicians. … Continue reading

Why Organizations Are Struggling

Most organizational structures have evolved over many years under a variety of executives. Structural adjustments were made to accommodate new strategies, technologies and services, special projects, and occasionally to handle personal career issues. Periodically, job descriptions and working relationships were … Continue reading

Adaptive Search Method For Strategy Formulation

One of the methods in formulating strategies is Adaptive Search Method. This method uses a search procedure in arriving at a strategy. This is accomplished through a ‘cascade’ approach: at the outset possible decision rules are formulated in gross terms … Continue reading

An Effective Leader is Decisive !

Decision-making is a basic ingredient of leadership. It is not important whether the leader actually comes up with the proposed actions or simply endorses them. The key is that the leader does make decisions. He or she overcomes the fear … Continue reading

I own the problem

It is easy to be a winner when the sun shines, and when you are in love and all is well. In reality it is much harder in the face of persistent problems and difficulties. On those days we tend … Continue reading

An Effective Leader Is Courageous

Courage is the intangible leadership quality of which greatness is made. It is demonstrated when a person endures severe pressure, conflict or adversity with grace and dignity. All exceptional leaders seem to have their fair share of it. How does … Continue reading

Strategic, Administrative & Operating Decisions

From a decision viewpoint the overall problem of the business of the firm is to configure and direct the resources-conversion process in such way as to optimize the attainment of its objectives. Since this calls for a great many distinct … Continue reading

Jumping To Conclusions

A newspaper article told of a man who was walking toward an open subway car when he felt a body brush by him.  Instinctively, he reached for his pocket and discovered he didn’t have his wallet.  Shouting and running, he … Continue reading

Developing Innovative Organizations

Innovation rarely, if ever, just happens. It requires imagination, coordination and a sense of purpose. Sad to say, a great many boardrooms lack some or all of those qualities. So it’s not that surprising that some companies find it hard … Continue reading

Effective Maintenance Management Practices

The maintenance organization of today, like many departments, is under continued pressure to cut costs, show results, and support the mission of the organization. After all, it is a logical expectation from the business standpoint. The evolving maintenance operation has … Continue reading

Building Effective Manager – Employee Relations

Front-line managers have a critical impact on employee relations in any organization. Too frequently, though, managers don’t have the experience, skills or information they need to succeed in this area. HR can play a proactive role here, helping to minimize … Continue reading

How to get strategic plans implemented

People are often reluctant to commit time and resources to a planning process because of the fear of the plan “ending up in file number 13.” This article addresses a key question regarding the strategic plan: What can I do … Continue reading

Problem Solving & Decision Making Techniques

You most probably have heard the old cliché “there are no problems, only opportunities.’ This might sound like pie-in-the-sky optimism to anyone stuck in the middle of a difficult puzzle or a stressful people problem. But by using the proven, … Continue reading

Some Tips For Dealing With Problem People

You can’t change someone’s personality, but you can make sure they behave properly while on the job. Most common types of problem people and how to deal with them: The non-communicative person. Ask open questions that force him to explain … Continue reading

Alliance As An Alternative To Merger

Merger mania is creeping back into the professional services business. And once again, as in the 1980s, “go/no go” analyses of prospective mergers disclose some very fuzzy thinking by firms that apparently did not learn from the relatively mediocre results … Continue reading

Introduction To Supply Chain Management

Essentially SCM is a set of practices aimed at managing and co-ordinating the whole supply chain from raw material suppliers to the end consumer.  The objective is to develop synergy along the whole supply chain rather than focusing on a … Continue reading

The Principles of Partnering

The four principles of partnering Mutuality: A common purpose with mutual benefit. Commitment: Parties are prepared to commit resources to the mutual endeavor Clarity: Each party is clear about who is doing what. Openness: Both parties are prepared to raise … Continue reading

Outsourcing of Training & Development

Consistent with the trend toward outsourcing, many HR functions and programs are now being referred to outside vendors. Many recent surveys indicate that over 90% of all firms today outsource some aspect of HR. Many of the tasks historically outsourced by … Continue reading

The Professional Manager

What defines a professional manager? Is it a term that hinges around the monetary aspects of a manager’s work, or is it a term that deals with the character and make up of the manager in question, or their ability … Continue reading

The Top Management and CRM

Current popular wisdom within the CRM industry places top management support as one of the top ten success criteria. What is meant by support is never really defined but it is logical that the term embraces the notion of reasonable … Continue reading