Successful project management requires proper planning, an on the spot presence with experienced professional personnel who are thoroughly familiar with the territory and effective & efficient administrative & operational supports.


Our Project Management Services aim to provide clients with the required competent project management professionals to complete projects on time, within budget, at the desired scope and quality levels.


  • Project Initiation
  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies
  • Assistance in arranging Project Funding
  • Project Planning
  • Monitoring, Control & Evaluation
  • Project Procurement
  • Contract Administration
  • Administrative & Operational Support
  • Project Management Audit
  • Provision of Project Managers And Project Staff
  • Project Consulting and Mentoring
  • Project Management Training


  • Energy & Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Infrastructure & Real Estate
  • Chemical
  • Electronic
  • Food & Beverage
  • Media and Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing

TC: RFP Management & Consulting Services

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Project Change Control System

The Change Control process is fundamental to the successful delivery of the project.

The Change Control process ensures that each change introduced to the project environment is appropriately defined, evaluated and approved prior to implementation.

Change Control will be introduced to the project, through the implementation of five key processes for:

  • submission and receipt of change requests
  • review and logging of change requests
  • determination of the feasibility of change requests
  • approval of change requests
  • implementation and closure of change requests
Submit Change Request

This process provides the ability for any member of the project team to submit a request for change to the project.

The following is the standard procedure.

  • Change Requestor identifies a requirement for change to any aspect of the project (e.g. scope, deliverables, schedules, budget, expenditure, organisation, etc.).
  • Change Requestor completes a Change Request (CR) and distributes the form to the Change Manager. The CR provides a summary of the change required, including the:
    • Change description
    • Reasons for change (including business drivers)
    • Benefits of change
    • Costs of change
    • Impacts of change
    • Supporting documentation