• A Corporate Culture can contribute to — or hinder — successful strategy execution
  • Requirements for successful strategy execution may — or may not — be compatible with culture
  • A close match between culture and strategy promotes effective strategy execution

Our Corporate Culture Development Services aim to provide clients with professional counsel and assistance in the development of the required corporate culture that fits the corporate & business strategies.

Our Corporate Culture Development services may include but not limited to provision of counsel and assistance in:

  • Diagnosing the existing corporate culture
  • Determining the required / targeted corporate culture
  • Analyzing the fits/gaps between the existing and targeted corporate culture
  • Crafting strategies, plans and programs to nurture the required / targeted corporate culture
  • Aligning the organization, policies, systems and procedures with the targeted corporate culture
  • Facilitating corporate culture development meetings and retreats
  • Provision of experienced team Leader for managing the implementation of the corporate culture development plan.

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