The availability of an information system that lets an organization keep track of all human resources management functions will greatly enhanced the effectiveness of its human resources management & development.

Our HRIS consulting services aim to assist organizations in developing and maintaining an effective and efficient system to administer, process and track all its human resources management functions.

The HRIS consulting services we provide may include all or part of the following services:

  • Conducting HRIS management audits
  • Defining the most appropriate HRIS
  • Designing the required system
  • Developing the required system
  • Testing the system
  • Maintaining the system
  • Acting as Project Manager for the development of HRIS

Typically, the better HRIS should be able to facilitate administration, processing, analysis, tracking and reporting of data and information related to:

  • HR planning, including career paths and succession planning
  • Recruitment, selection, placement and movements
  • Training & development
  • Performance management
  • Compensation & benefits, including payroll
  • Industrial relations issues such as feedback, grievances, disciplinary actions, terminations, etc.
  • Employees’ attendance
  • Employees personal data, including job descriptions, job performance standards and job competency profiles

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