Just to compete these days, it is essential to have good products and effective & efficient strategies and operations. A company will have none of these, unless it can build, release, and focus the energy and talents of its people. Proper Human Resources Management calls for appropriate strategy, plans and action programs that are periodically assessed, analyzed and updated.

Our Human Resources Management Audit services aim to provide customers with comprehensive objective, reliable and accurate assessments on:

  • The effectiveness of HR strategy, plans & programs, policies, systems & procedures in the light of relevant current and expected future characteristics and driving forces
  • Appropriateness of organization structure, manpower composition and quantities
  • Competencies of existing human resources and fits/gaps between job competency and jobholder’s competency profile,
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the HR operations
  • Compliance with government laws, rules and regulations

and to recommend the courses of action to be taken.

A comprehensive HR Management Audit may include review and analysis of the following aspects:

  • Employees’ needs, wants, expectations, perceptions and satisfaction
  • HR related strategy, plans, programs and budgets
  • Organization structure and HR composition, quantity and quality
  • HR related policies, systems, rules, regulations and procedures
  • Organization culture
  • Job descriptions, job performance standards, job competencies and jobholders’ competency profiles
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Induction and training & development
  • Performance management
  • Compensation & benefits
  • Industrial relations
  • HR information system