Many organizations operating on a “core team” basis, from time to time, need to bring in skilled and experienced assistance on a short-term or temporary basis. Interim Management is the engagement by an organization of an independent executive at senior or middle management level for a limited and usually fixed period of time. Typical utilization of Interim Managers include :

  • Filling an unexpected gap in the management structure arising from illness or termination when recruitment of a permanent executive is not immediately available
  • Managing a special project such as reorganization or relocation
  • Developing new products and business ventures
  • Adding heavyweight management or technical skills for a limited period
  • Providing part-time experience often on a long-term basis for smaller organizations

Our Interim Management Services have the aim to provide customers with:

  • Professional managers at senior or middle management level on a temporary basis
  • Professional Senior and middle managers on a part-time basis, which are uneconomical if acquired on a full-time basis
  • The benefits from managerial skills and experience without the necessity of making a permanent commitment


  • Crisis- and turnaround management
  • Leading development & implementation of new strategies and plans
  • Leading development & implementation of new management systems
  • Managing culture change
  • Leading business disposal
  • Leading merger and acquisition
  • Temporary replacement of senior or middle managers
  • Executive coaching & counseling
  • New business development
  • Project Management


  • Is immediate and flexible
  • Is cost effective and is not disruptive
  • Bring along expertise and experience acquired from similar assignments


  • Minimum period of assignment : 6 months
  • Payment : Monthly in advanced
  • Monthly rates for a full-time assignment: From US$ 10,000.- to US$ 30,000.- . The exact amount depends on the required competency level and length & location of the assignment
  • Excluding VAT
  • Excluding out of pocket expenses (OPE)
  • OPE will be charged at actual expenses


  • Energy & Mining
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Trading
  • Agriculture
  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Security
  • Legal Consulting

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