Performance Management l
In many organizations, performance management constitutes a time-consuming, annual form-filling ritual, which rarely has positive impacts on performance. It often even has negative effects on motivation.


Our performance management consulting services are tailored to help clients design, install and implement an effective people performance management system that will:

  • help place performance management in a broader organizational context
  • allow employees to view (and maintain if authorized) organizational objectives
  • allow employees to view and maintain personal objectives and link them to organizational objectives or another employee’s objectives
  • define or select appropriate sets of competencies for each role
  • maintain any other information that forms part of the performance management process (such as development plans, aspirations, potential and mobility ratings)
  • create appraisal forms and capture self and stakeholders’ assessments of performance against objectives and competencies
  • support interim reviews or even ad-hoc feedback within a longer appraisal cycle
  • provide raters with feedback on their rating tendencies
  • construct personal development plans and derive development plan items from pre-defined libraries based on specific competency gaps
  • help calculate overall performance ratings and allows these to be standardized so that meaningful pay or bonus recommendations and other related actions can be made across populations with differing uses of the rating scales.

The scope of our performance management services may include:

  • Pre-development support, including readiness evaluation and pre-conditioning
  • Design of performance management system, including performance objectives,  performance planning, monitoring, control, appraisals and follow-up actions
  • Preparation of performance management policies and procedures manual
  • Pre-implementation support, including socialization and training to management and users
  • Implementation support, including coordination, measuring & monitoring compliance, coaching and counseling

Performance management is the crux of business growth. Performance management is no longer an annual affair. It has become a year-round, continuous process where managers converse with employees, exchange feedback and award recognition to contributions of employees.

We understand that organizational culture and management expectations exert a strong influence on performance management practice and effectiveness. We know that individual motivation depends on more than just having a set of SMART objectives and an end-of-year review. We combine our expertise and deep understanding of the architecture of organization and individual performance.

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